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      Welcome to Chengdu Junma Sealing Technology Co.,Ltd!

      +86 28 83985161


      Company Introduction

      1486532361407381.pngChengdu Junma Sealing Technology Co.,Ltd, originally called Chengdu Junma Sealing Products Co.,Ltd established in 1997, is a Hi-Tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing sealing materials and sealing products for combustion engines and industrial applications. In 2002, we became one of the leading companies that successfully developed non-asbestos calendering sealing materials which met the European Products Satefy Requirements. In 2008, we started manufacturing beater addition non-asbestos sealing materials. Our beater addition products have proved to have excellent sealing properties and have been widely accepted by customers as products that can replace overseas congeneric products.

      Junma’s products are known for its reliable sealing characteristics. Leakless, non-corrosive, and non-sticking are among a few of its excellent performances. Our products are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, small engines for general applications,compressors,agricultural equipment,construction equipment,ship building industries, petroleum chemical industries and refrigeration industries. Sales of our products not only are broadly spread in China, they are also exported to Europe, North and South America, Middle East and South-east Asia.

      Quality, safety and environmental friendliness are our top priorities. We are ISO/TS16949 and ISO 9001 certified company. Our non-asbestos products have all passed the ROSH and REACH European Requirements as non-hazardous products.

      Our manufacturing and testing facilities are durable and reliable;our technical and sales teams are well experienced and highly trained. Our technical team is always ready to develop products that meet the demand of our customers;our sales team is ready to answer questions and provide solution to customers’ sealing issues at all time.

      A complete quality management system is what Junma has adopted to maintain high standard. In order to serve our customers quickly and timely, we promise to work with our customers through communication and cooperation.

      Honesty and professionalism are what Junma emphasize as our company’s principle. Innovation, professionalism and diversity are what we rely on in Junma’s success. We are committed to continuously provide our customers with good products and services.

      Sales Department
      Sales Departemnt:

      Human Resource Department(HR)
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      Address:No.409, Guangming Road, Shi Bantan Town, Xindu District of Chengdu City, China