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      Asia has become the center of global automobile industry

      Yonhap News reported that Asia has become the center of global automobile industry, the output has exceeded the half of the global output in a Tuesday research report. Japan automobile industry survey company----Fourin released a statistical data, it showed that in Asia area including Korea、Japan、China and Australia(not including East Middle), the automobile output was 39.495 million, took up more than half of global production output(78.147 million) last year.

      In the recent five years, the automobile output added 12.11 million in Asia area, the increase rate was 44%. In 2006, the automobile output was 27.384 million in Asia area, took up 39% of global production output(70.145 million), in 2007, the automobile output added  to 40.3%(29.885 million).

      In 2008 and 2009, after the finance crisis, the global automobile production output continuously fell, but Asia market never fell and contrarily added, respectively added to 42.7%(30.498 million) and 49.3%(30.673 million). Last year, the automobile output in Asia area added almost 30%, finally break through the half of the global output, reached 50.5%.

      Last year, China automobile output was 18.264 million, ranked the first place. Thereafter, that was successively Japan(9.628 million)、America(7.737 million)、Germany(5.906 million) and Korea(4.25 million).

      Thereinto, after China firstly became the first place of the global output, expanded into double of the production gap between the first one and the second one last year.

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