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      Welcome to Chengdu Junma Sealing Technology Co.,Ltd!

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      New Technology and Automatic Production Line

      The new technology and production line of brake linings for heavy truck researched and developed have been placing on the market for 3 years;With many enterprises using,the effect is obvious;Bring lots of surprise and hope for the industry,and solve the enterprises long-anticipated questions in industry. Now the specific effects after summary are reporting for you.


      一、Improving the corporate profit.

      1、Due to using the advanced two-step forming method production and pressing technology with double-layer material,recycling the grinding dust waste、drilling and defective pieces during producing brake linings,and instead of underlying material,so that you can save about 10% of raw materials. Also saving the dust transport and landfill costs,reducing the pollution of environment.

      2、Because of using the single piece pressed,without the saw cutting and grinding limit line,the pressed blank thickness error is small、the defect rate is extremely low,and the limit line can be directly pressed out. These several combination can save about 10% of raw materials again.

      3、Less power consumption and saving energy. At present the power of common large-tonnage press machine in the market is generally about 30-35 kw. Using the new multi-layer press machine,the motor total power is 22 kw. So using one press machine in one day the power fare can be saved RMB 130-160 yuan,while in one year the cost can be saved RMB 50000.00 yuan. Then the production cost can be reduced about 3%.

      4、With the new press machine,the day yield can reach 3-4 tons,is 3-4 times of general press machine,the production cost can be reduced about 2%.
      The above several combination can save about 20% of raw materials
      ,improve about 15% of corporate profits.


      二、Reducing the workers and labor intensity.

      For exampleThe brake linings back-end production grinding、drilling、marking and packing contrast.

      1、The original processing method is one people operating with one machineInner-arc grinding、drilling、out-arc grinding、limit line grinding、inner & out arc brushing、marking、thermal shrinkage、putting small box、installing certification、packing container、packaging stacking. The whole working procedure need ten workers;and the output in one shift is only about 1000-1500 pieces.

      2、Using the new production lineone work is responsible for putting products and inspecting in the front of production line,one people is putting into small box and packing in the middle,and another people is responsible for the products stacking & warehouse and inspection in the end. Only 3 people in the whole line,the output per shift is about 3000-4000 pieces.
      ,if two lines are used at the same time,the workers of front and back production line can operate 2 lines at one time.


      3、Contrast effectsIf the yield per shift is about 3000-4000 pieces,two production lines can save about 30 workers. 
      30 workers * RMB 36000.00 yuan
      estimated/ annual salary= RMB 1080000.00 yuan.


      4、Using the production line processing,optimizing the layout of technology and equipment,reducing the turnover of semi-finished products and the labor intensity. Saving a large number of production sites,and also the easier and simple production management.



      三、Changing the production environment.
      The new production line used the special matching dust collector for the dust removing of raw material handling、automatic ingredient、pressing and grinding,the production environment has the obvious change.



      、The service arriving,the price affordable.
      Baiyun Company have many years of ripe experience in producing brake linings,so that the technology of our R&D、design and manufacture、mold and production line equipments meet the requirements of many brake linings enterprises from domestic and abroad. With the strong practicability,the customers generally accepted in market popularization;and pre-sales guidance communication and excellent after-sales service.
      The equipment mold price with the same new technology and production efficiency is only about 20% of imported equipment.


      五、Creating a number of the first from domestic and foreign in the industry.

      1、We are the first company in the friction industry at home and abroad in saving raw materials.

      2、We are the first company in the friction industry at home and abroad in saving plant area with the same capacity.

      3、 We are the first company in domestic industry in using fewest operators with the same capacity.

      4、We are the first company in the friction industry at home and abroad in the efficiency of full-automatic subsequent process production line.

      5、We are the first company in the friction industry at home and abroad in the machining efficiency of drilling machine(The fastest efficiency is 1000 pieces per hour).

      6、We are the first company in the friction industry at home and abroad in the efficiency of drilling bits(Special material manufacture, can drill 20000 pieces when grinding at a time).

      7、In the respect of per shift output of hot-forming press for brake linings, we are the first company in the friction industry at home and abroad .
      、In the respect of lowest cost of manufacturing combined costs for brake linings,we are the first company in domestic industry.

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