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      Welcome to Chengdu Junma Sealing Technology Co.,Ltd!

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      Definition and main function of sealing gasket

      What is the sealing gasket?

      The sealing gasket, which is an individual material, or a composite material, or a design device,

      or in the joint plane of the combined parts, this material or this device can be a  sealing body

      which effectively prevent medium leakage.

      Main function of the sealing gasket:

      1.Prevent the pipe or device in the medium (gas or liquid) to leak out of the seal body.

      2.Prevent impurities getting into the a pipe or device system.

      3.It can help the design of the flange surface's defect.

      4.It can help the device system easy for maintenance.

      5.It can make the device maintain the stabilization of sealing system.

      6.It Can help to reduce the cost of the joint device.

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