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      Welcome to Chengdu Junma Sealing Technology Co.,Ltd!

      +86 28 83985161


      Cork Rubber Gasket


      Product Features:

      1)      Very good sealing property with high compressibility and recovery. Conform well to all kinds of flange surface, suitable for irregular and uneven flange.

      2)      Wide range of gauge selection:0.5mm-3.5mm

      3)      Especially suitable for situation where low torques pressure exists.

      4)      Design with controlled swelling degree, good for liquid sealing , excellent performance under torque loss situation.

      5)      New fiber reinforced cork rubber gaskets, better tensile ,crush resistance ,creep resistance, non-sticking than ordinary cork rubber gaskets, suitable for extreme conditions.


      Application area:

      Cylinder head ,Oil pan, Crankcase in automobiles, Motorcycles, Small engines for general applications, Diesel engines and applications with low torque pressure.


      Products Selection:

      All cork rubber materials are made in house. Product types and formulations are customized. Existing material selections include

      Economic grade:    CE

      General cork rubber grade:   CM

      Reinforced cork rubber grade:   CB

      Fiber reinforced cork rubber grade:  CF


      Sales Department
      Sales Departemnt:

      Human Resource Department(HR)
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      Address:No.409, Guangming Road, Shi Bantan Town, Xindu District of Chengdu City, China