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      Welcome to Chengdu Junma Sealing Technology Co.,Ltd!

      +86 28 83985161


      Foreign non-asbestos can replace of by JunMa's products?

      1.Testing equipment:Our testing equipments is leading of our country,the same as oversea.
      2.Technical director:Over 20 years experience experts in oversea enterprise,So the technolody will be the same as abroad.
      3.Management:We are managed by TS16949 and ISO9001-2008 international system.
      4.Production:Production line by most advanced equipment,It will be ensure the production's quality.
      5.Specific case in domestic:Of course we have so many cases in domestic market,please contact us directly for the details.

      Sales Department
      Sales Departemnt:

      Human Resource Department(HR)
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      Address:No.409, Guangming Road, Shi Bantan Town, Xindu District of Chengdu City, China