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      Welcome to Chengdu Junma Sealing Technology Co.,Ltd!

      +86 28 83985161


      Composite Gasket


      Product Features:

      1)      High performance facing material chemically or mechanically fused to metal core.

      2)      Excellent sealing performance, chemical resistance( oil, fuel, antifreeze ) and torque retention.

      3)      Very good thermal integrity and radial strength.

      4)      Especially suitable for cylinder head facing application and for sealing hot gas.

      5)      Anti-stick coating can be applied upon request.


      Areas Of Application:


      General Categories: Automobiles, motorcycles, small engines for general applications, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, ship building, compressors(air compressors and refrigeration compressors), pipe connection in petroleum chemical industries, parts assembly kits and aftermarket application.


      Automobile application:

      Exhaust manifold, collector , EGR system gaskets, hydraulic system, heat shield.


      Diesel Engines:

      Structural joints(Gear case and flywheel housings).


      Product Selection:

      Facing materials and metal core can be selected by customers.


      Sales Department
      Sales Departemnt:

      Human Resource Department(HR)
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      Address:No.409, Guangming Road, Shi Bantan Town, Xindu District of Chengdu City, China