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      Automotive Passenger StairTD58SKT
      Time:2016/5/31 17:03:03  Source:Suqian Taida Airport Equipment Co., Ltd.  View Rate:

      Automotive passenger stair is special vehicle, installed with self-propelled(TD58SKT) and commercial chassis(TD44CKT,TD58CKT).  It can be used for aircrafts with doorsill height between 2300mm and 5800mm.  Chassis can be Self-propelled or Commercial one as per the clients demands.

      The passenger stair is capable of servicing: A-300-600, A-310, A-318,A-319, A-320, A-321, A-330, A-340,B-707-320B, B-727, B-737, B-747, B-747-SP, B-757, B-767,B-777, DC8, DC10, L-1011, MD-11, TU-154,TU-154B.

      Model No.




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